Visit to Stryker

The children in 4th, 5th and 6th really enjoyed their visit to Stryker in Cork. It was fantastic to see how CAD design and 3D printing is transforming many manufacturing processes. Following a presentation and tour of the premises the children enjoyed a lovely meal, a fun quiz and some lovely prizes. We hope you enjoy our latest entry into the 3D Printing Sustainability Challenge.

Paper Weaving

The children in the Junior Room created these beautiful paper weaving artworks. Paper weaving is a fun craft activity for children. It is a great fine motor skills activity as well. The children enjoyed taking long strips of ordinary paper, weaving them into horizontal lines and vertical lines to transform them into paper weaving masterpieces.

A visit from Santa

Everyone was delighted to welcome Santa to Togher N.S. this week. Santa is very busy at this time of year but he still found time for a quick visit. He even had a small gift for everyone. Santa confirmed that all the children are currently on the Nice List.

Science in the Junior Room

The children in the Junior Room really enjoyed the Air Pressure Science Workshop with Mr. D. These workshops always involve lots of hands-on science experiments that help the children to experience science in action.

Air Pressure with Mr. D

The children learned about implosions during Chuck Delpier’s (Mr. D’s) workshop. Lowering the pressure inside a can by heating it up creates a situation in which the pressure of the atmosphere crushes the can. This happens because the small amount of water that is placed inside the can becomes water vapour when it is heated up and displaces the air inside the can. Then when the can is quickly cooled, the water vapour returns to a liquid state and since the air pressure outside of the can is greater than that on the outside, the can is quickly crushed. It’s also great fun.

Hot Chocolate

The children have been learning about the Procedural writing genre. Procedural writing is a specific form of writing that provides instructions on the procedure necessary to accomplish a goal. As Togher N.S. has a “hands on – minds on” philosophy the children had to explore the procedure involved in making and enjoying a lovely cup of Hot Chocolate – honestly!

Water Bottle Rocket

The children always have a wonderful time when Chuck Delpier (Mr. D.) brings his science workshop to Togher N.S. They learned all about air pressure during a series of workshop experiments. In the afternoon the children went outside to launch some air pressure powered water bottle rockets.