Farm safety webinar

The children in the Junior room really enjoyed their webinar on Farm Safety. The children learnt how to recognise some of the safety signs on a typical farm, creating a farm safety checklist  and learning the behavioural signs shown by animals, including bulls, horses and dogs. The children are really looking forward to our next webinar on farm machinery safety.

We all scream for Ice Cream

The school day is very different with a lot of new rules to keep everyone safe. The children have adapted well to the new situation and were delighted to see all their friends again. It was time for an ice-cream to celebrate our re-opening.


Welcome Back

It’s a bit different, it’s a bit strange, it has taken a huge amount of preparation and planning but it’s wonderful to be back. A huge welcome to our children and a massive thank you to all those that have helped us to reopen.

Dunmanway Fire Brigade

Dunmanway Fire Brigade visited Togher N.S. to help the children understand the importance of fire safety. A huge thank you to Phillip Kelleher, Station Officer of Dunmanway Fire Brigade, for calling to the school to talk about fire safety in our homes and to present the children with their new and very informative Fire Safety Booklet. The children learned very important points on how we can keep our homes safe from fire and what to do in the event of a fire. Of course no visit from the Fire Brigade is complete without a full investigation of the equipment on the fire engine.