Picker Pals

We are delighted to be involved in Picker Pals an innovative primary school programme inspiring and equipping children to become the next generation of environmentalists by leading their families on local litter-picking adventures.

Scruffy’s Pet Store

The younger children really enjoyed the visit of Scruffy’s Pet Store to Togher N.S. The children were delighted to meet and learn about wonderful animals and reptiles that were brought to the school.

Scavenger Hunt

The children in Miss M. Daly’s room enjoyed a scavenger hunt in the school grounds last week. A scavenger hunt is a great fun activity that allows children to get outside, get active and develop an appreciation of nature.

Welcome Back Celebration

The children were delighted to hear the jingle of the ice-cream van as it pulled into Togher N.S. The children were soon enjoying their  ice-cream cones to celebrate the full reopening of our school. Many thanks to our wonderful Parents Association for facilitating this lovely celebration treat.

Back to school

The younger children were delighted to be back to school and they were even more delighted to find that they have the entire school yard to themselves. They were determined to take full advantage of all the extra space.

Christmas Cakes

A few more pictures of us making our delicious Christmas Cakes.

The recipe for our Christmas Cake is as follows:

225g (8 ozs) butter
225g (8 ozs) pale, soft brown sugar, or golden caster sugar
6 eggs
285g (10 ozs) plain flour
1 tsp mixed spice
340g (12 ozs) sultanas
340g (12 ozs) currants
340g (12 ozs) raisins
110g (4 ozs) glace cherries
110g (4 ozs) candied peel
110g (4 ozs) ground almonds (almonds are optional, just increase the
amount of flour if you don’t want almonds!)
1 lemon
1 orange
1 large or 2 small apples