Flower Pressing

The beautiful flowers we picked a couple of weeks ago have been pressed and dried. It was now time to identify their English, Irish and Latin names and present them on acid free paper. Stephanie from Heritage in schools showed the children how to arrange and display the pressed flowers. The children then created lovely artworks with the remaining flowers.

Dunmanway Show

We have some wonderful artists here at Togher N.S. The Dunmanway Agricultural Show judges were amazed by the beautiful artworks created by our children as part of their Art Competition. These artworks will be on display at the Dunmanway Show.

Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is an age old tradition with many varations. Stephanie from Heritage in Schools visited Togher N.S. to explain some of the many ways that flowers can be pressed and presented to create beautiful displays and artworks. The children in the Senior Room were soon busy foraging and identifing the local flora for their flower pressing projects.

Marbling Art Easter Eggs

Stephanie from Heritage in Schools helped the children to create lovely Easter Eggs using marbling. Marbling is an art technique that involves paint, a dispersing agent and water to create unique patterns that  resemble variegated marble.

Easter Bunny Art

The children in the Senior Room have been experimenting with our new water-colour pencils while creating some wonderful Easter Bunny art.  Water-colour pencils are a medium that combines drawing with painting. When you add water to a watercolor pencil drawing the pigment spreads over the paper to imitate the look and feel of a watercolor painting. Working with these kinds of pencils is a great way to experiment with colors. The children gave the water- colour pencils a big thumbs-up and are looking forward to exploring their use in more detail in future art projects.