Visual Challenge!

‘It is not a star’… so what could it be? Some of our pupils have used their wonderful imagination.

There’s space for more and you can send your beautiful creations to us through WhatsApp on 0874041181 or

St. Valentine’s Day

We were very busy this week getting all loved up ready for St. Valentine’s Day. The children in the Senior Room made beautiful Willow Love Hearts and Valentine’s Cards for the big day. Many thanks to Katrin for all her help with this Arts and Crafts activity.


St. Bridget’s Cross

In preparation for St. Bridget’s Day we were busy making St. Bridget’s crosses at Togher N.S. It was wonderful to watch the older children helping the younger children and the teamwork involved in making these crosses. The children made an extra box of St. Bridget’s Crosses which we sent to St. James’ Church for local parishioners to take home and enjoy.

Orange pomander balls

Orange pomander balls are quite possibly the quickest and best all-natural and aromatic decoration for the Christmas season. The infusion of clove oil into the sweet oranges perfumes the air with a marvellous Christmas aroma. This year Katrin showed the children how to make wonderful orange pomander balls.


The children in the senior room have been busy mixing science with art as part of science week – creating an electric circuit and using this circuit as part of a working lighthouse model.