Water Bottle Rocket

The children always have a wonderful time when Chuck Delpier (Mr. D.) brings his science workshop to Togher N.S. They learned all about air pressure during a series of workshop experiments. In the afternoon the children went outside to launch some air pressure powered water bottle rockets.

Salt Painting

The children in the Junior Room really enjoyed salt painting as part of a STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) project. Adding salt to a painting project creates a terrific raised painting effect and it also allows children to explore science. Raised glue and salt painting with watercolour paint is an excellent example of a STEAM project for children because it integrates both science and art. On the scientific side, the magic of this project lies in the reaction between the salt and the liquid colors. Children explore absorption, crystallization, and the dispersion of pigments as the liquid interacts with the salt, providing a hands-on lesson in basic chemistry and physics. They also created these wonderful artworks.

Coding with Photon

The children in 1st and 2nd class had a wonderful time learning with the Photon robot. The Photon is an interactive educational robot that introduces children to the world of new technologies through experiences and experiments. The Photon robot helps children to develop their creativity and logical thinking and teaches them basic programming.

Freshwater Stream Habitat

We discovered some fascinating Freshwater Mini Beasts living in our local stream. Our finds included The Greater Water Boatman, The Lesser Water Boatman, Worms, Freshwater Snails, Larvae and a dangerous looking but harmless Water Scorpion. We even caught a young trout.  Stephanie from Heritage in Schools explained the life-cycles of these Freshwater Mini-Beasts and how unpolluted freshwater is vitally important as a habitat for these creatures. The children in the Senior Room were fascinated by the many creatures that live in a freshwater stream before returning them safely to the stream.

Stream Visit

The children in the Junior Room visited our local stream this week. Stephanie from Heritage in Schools helped the children identify the mini-beasts they had discovered and explained their life-cycles. The children were delighted to show their finds to each other before we returned them safely to their habitats.

Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is an age old tradition with many varations. Stephanie from Heritage in Schools visited Togher N.S. to explain some of the many ways that flowers can be pressed and presented to create beautiful displays and artworks. The children in the Senior Room were soon busy foraging and identifing the local flora for their flower pressing projects.