Bee Bots

School Excellence Digital funding has allowed Togher N.S. to purchase robotics and coding equipment for children from Jnr. Infants to 6th class. The children in Miss Daly’s room really enjoyed working with these friendly little Bee Bot robots this week. Bee Bots are a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation and problem-solving and allow our pupils to experience “Hand’s On” numeracy in the most enjoyable way.



The children in First and Second class enjoyed coding with Scratch this week.

Scratch is an excellent, engaging and fun environment for learning some fairly advanced mathematical concepts and the basics of computer science too. Scratch is deceptively simple with its palette of brightly coloured blocks. The thing about Scratch programming though is that you can do amazing things when you combine the blocks in interesting ways. As children progress they are able to use Scratch in more and more advanced ways. Scratch has a low floor, but a high ceiling.

Scratch programming allows children to use computers to express their creative ideas and solve practical problems and empowers children to be digital makers not just digital users. Scratch is free to download here


We were delighted with the return of Mangahigh to our school today. Pupils from 3rd  – 6th have received their unique passwords to log into

Students earn points towards your school’s total by completing any activity on Mangahigh.  This can  assigned tasks set by Ms O Connell, recommendations from our virtual tutor or activities they have selected to do independently.

How do the points work?

Earning a bronze medal is worth 1 point, a silver is worth 2 and a gold medal is worth 3 points towards your school’s score.

The children in the Senior Room really enjoyed developing their coding skills using The lessons and activities on employ inquiry and exploration based learning strategies that focus on logic and computational thinking.


At 22 seconds and 22 minutes past 2 o’clock  on the 2nd month of the year ending 22 a huge cheer went up from the fifth and sixth classes. The opportunity to do this again won’t happen for 11 years, 1 month, 1 day, 1 hour, 11 minutes and 11 seconds (but who’s counting)


The children in Miss Daly’s room really enjoyed these friendly little BeeBot robots which are a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation and problem-solving. As a “Hands On – Minds On” school these robots allow our children to experience hand’s on maths in the most enjoyable way.

Maths Rocks

Senior classes were delighted to tune into Maths Rocks with Andrew Jeffrey during Maths Week. Maths Rocks featured a series of mathematical surprises that we never knew about. We even learnt some magic tricks!