Togher’s Got Talent

The children treated us to some wonderful singing, gymnastics, story-telling, signing to music, magic, instrument playing and even show jumping as part of Togher’s Got Talent. This annual event is a fun, engaging way for the children to show off something they are good at, practice performing, stand in front of an audience (or send a video) and receive positive feedback for their efforts. Congratulations to all the children that took part.


The children were delighted to welcome Boggle to Togher N.S. Boggle offers the chance for children to become circus performers. In short interactive hands-on entertainment the children explored juggling, uni-cycling, plate spinning, diabolos and clowning.

All the children had a wonderful time with Boggle. A huge thank you to Roger from the S.C.P. for facilitating this mobile circus.

Sports Day

We had a fantastic day at the Sports Day in Kealkill. Over 500 children gathered to run, pull, hop, throw, wheelbarrow and dance at this wonderful event. A big thank you to Kealkil N.S. for organising this hugely enjoyable Sports Day.