Halloween Parade

Our children have such great imaginations. It was wonderful to see all the fabulous Halloween costumes for our Halloween celebrations. We hope you enjoy our Halloween Parade video.

Halloween party

The children in the Middle Room enjoyed eating báirín breac and other treats, dancing to spooky songs and creating Halloween Cards as part of our Halloween celebrations.

Halloween Celebration

Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain used to celebrate the passing from summer to winter. People disguised themselves using animal skins to protect against evil spirits on the prowl and lit fires to guide the good spirits during Samhain. Households would also carve scary faces into turnips and leave them at the doorstep to warn off evil spirits. We love dressing up at Togher N.S. and there were some wonderful costumes on display for our Halloween celebrations.



Happy Halloween

We would like to wish all our children a Happy Halloween as they head out “Trick or Treating” If you are stuck for a song here are the words to An Púca!

“Púca! Púca! Is mise an púca!
Púca! Púca! Aon-dó-trí!
Seo í an oíche, Oíche Shamhna
A théim ar cuairt chun do thí,
Chun do thí!”

“Púca! Púca! Ní tusa an púca!
Tusa Seáinín Beag Ó Laoi!
Seo í an oíche, Oíche Shamhna
A bhíonn tú ag súgradh aon, dó, trí,
Aon, dó, trí.”

“Púca! Púca! Is mise an púca!
Ní mise in aochor Seán Ó Laoi!
Féach ar m’fhiacla! Féach im ’shúile
Béarfaidh mé anocht ort, anocht a chroí,
Béarfaidh mé anocht ort, anocht a chroí,
Anocht a chroí!”

Have a great night and keep safe.




Halloween in the Junior Room

The children in Jnr. and Snr. Infants arrived to the school in their wonderful costumes ready for the Halloween Party. A huge thank you to Hayley (Archie, George, Harry and Jacob’s Mum) for the wonderfully gruesome Halloween buns.

Togher’s got Talent

As part of our Halloween celebrations we enjoyed Togher’s got Talent. This years competition involved a wide variety of acts that were hugely entertaining. Congratulations to all the children that performed their wonderful acts. Many thanks to Roger from the S.C.P. for judging the competition and for his kind words to all the performers.


Monsters, Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts and Ghouls

At this time of year the mornings are misty and the sun is low in the sky. The teachers arrived through a damp and foggy morning and began preparing themselves for the school day. Out of the fog came some frightening creatures. The teachers quickly checked the school’s Critical Incident Policy but unfortunately it was silent on a Zombie Apocalypse. It was discovered that these creatures had a fondness for Báirín Breac and dancing. Luckily we had taken delivery of a lot of Báirín Breac so Heather and Mary got busy slicing and buttering and the teachers kept the music going.

Trick or Treat

We have had a preview of some of the spooks, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, monsters and zombies that will be out in the Togher area this evening. We would like to wish our children the best of luck with their “trick or treating” and to remind everyone to be extra extra careful on the roads. If you are stuck for a song to sing here’s a quick reminder of the song we learned last week. Oíche Shamhna Shona daoibh. 

Oíche Shamhna

Oíche Shamhna, Oíche Shamhna,
Báirín, breac, báirín breac,
Úlla is cnónna, úlla is cnónna,
Is maith liom iad, is maith liom iad.