As we draw a close to our first week of remote learning we would like to say thank you to all the pupils and their parents who have worked so hard to make this week as brilliant as it could be.


Togher N.S. will use the Seesaw app. for this period of remote learning.

Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool which allows pupils to store their work in an online space and gain feedback from their teacher. It can be used on a computer or tablet. It effectively enables teachers to set tasks or assignments and include instructions or templates for students to use at home.

STEP 1: Go to or Download the Seesaw Class App for Your Child
Your child will use the Seesaw Class app for home learning.
✓ Laptops + Computers: Visit
✓ Tablets + Mobile Devices: Download or update the Seesaw Class app in your device’s app store. If you already have the app, make sure it is updated

STEP 2: Help Your Child Log In to Seesaw
Click ‘I’m a Student’
Log in as directed by your student’s teacher or school:
✓ Your child may log in with a Home Learning Text or QR Code
Learn how to use Seesaw: Tour the Class App

✓ Make sure your child is signing in to the CLASS app (Students cannot complete remote learning activities on the Family app)
✓ Make sure your child clicks ‘I’m a Student’
✓ Make sure your child enters login credentials as shown with no typos; if scanning a code, make sure to stand far enough away for the entire code to be scanned
STEP 3: Explore Learning Resources from Seesaw

✓ Learning at Home Tips for Families
✓ Home Learning Ideas that Don’t Require Technology
✓ Sample Daily Schedule

Happy Christmas

We would like to wish the children of Togher N.S. and the wider school community a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and all the very best in the New Year. We would also like to thank everyone for all the help and support we have received over the past year and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2021. If we could shower you all with presents it would look something like this…..

Christmas Carol Singing

Togher N.S. along with other Dunmanway Primary Schools took part in making this version of ‘Crackers and Turkeys’ song about the meaning of Christmas. It was used as part of the Carols in the Car Park at SuperValu, Dunmanway  which was led by Rev. Cliff Jeffers, Fr. Ted Collins and Reg. Greg Alexander.
Please click on the picture below to watch the video.



We all scream for Ice-Cream

The children were delighted to hear the jingle of the ice-cream van as it pulled into Togher N.S. The children were soon enjoying their wafer and 99 ice-creams. Many thanks to our wonderful Parents Association for facilitating this lovely Christmas treat.


Dancing Raisins

The children in Miss Daly’s class really enjoyed their latest science experiment, They loved watching the raisins dance in the soda as the bubbles attached to the raisins and lifted them up.

The Science behind The Dancing Raisins: When the raisins are dropped into the soda they sink to the bottom of the glass because they are more dense than the soda. But the carbonated soda releases carbon dioxide bubbles and these bubbles love to attach to the rough surface of the raisins. They act like tiny floatation devices that lift the raisin to the surface of the water. This is due to an increase in buoyancy.

Once the carbon dioxide bubbles reach the surface of the soda they pop and the gas is released into the air. This makes the raisin lose buoyancy and fall back down to the bottom of the glass.

This continues until all of the carbon dioxide has escaped and the soda is flat.