Downhill Car Race

The children explored Gravitational Potential Energy during Chuck Delpier’s Science Workshop. The children were delighted to learn that this involved designing, refining and improving downhill race cars to travel faster, straighter, further and smoother.

Compressed Air Water Rocket

Chuck Delpier’s Science Workshops really allow the children to explore science in a “Hands On – Minds On” manner. During the recent workshop the children learned about Newton’s third law – To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction. All rocket engines operate on the principal of this law so it was time to go outside and launch some rockets! We hope you enjoy our video below.

Friction and Heat

During Chuck Delpier’s (Mr. D.) Science Workshop the children explored the science of Friction and Heat. Friction is the resistance of motion when one object rubs against another. Anytime two objects rub against each other, they cause friction. Friction works against the motion and acts in the opposite direction.When one object is sliding on another it starts to slow down due to friction. This means it loses energy. However, the energy doesn’t disappear. It changes from moving energy (also call kinetic energy) to heat energy. This is why we rub our hands together when it’s cold. By rubbing them together we generate friction and, therefore, heat.

During the workshop Mr. D introduced the children to pump drills. A pump drill is an ancient tool traditionally used to generate friction heat for starting fires, as well as for boring holes. A pump drill generates friction and heat through rotational momentum which is built and maintained by repeated twisting and untwisting of a cord.

The Science of Separation with Mr. D.

We were delighted to welcome Chuck Delpier (Mr. D.) back to Togher N.S. Chuck presented a fascinating and engaging Science Workshop to the children. Some processes that are used in separating materials are sedimentation, filtration, crystallization, distillation, diffusion, panning, magnetic separation, and adsorption. During this workshop Mr. D. concentrated on filtration, panning and magnetic separation. The children really enjoyed discovering how the materials required for many industries are separated using scientific separation methods.

Build a Vehicle Challenge

The children in the Senior Room were given the challenge of constructing a model vehicle capable of being propelled. It was fascinating to see the wide variety of shapes, sizes and fabrication techniques that the children used to create their models. The children demonstrated their models and discussed their fabrication techniques with the younger children.

Chris Hadfield

The children really enjoyed an interactive webinar with the inspirational speaker, astronaut, musician and author Chris Hadfield. Chris has strong ties with Ireland.

The first time Chris Hadfield looked down at Earth from space, in November 1995, he saw Ireland. His shuttle, en route to helping build the Mir space station, had launched from Cape Canaveral, flew up the Florida coast and across the Atlantic. By the time they reached orbital height, engines were shut down and Hadfield could float to the window, they were crossing over this island.

“I was looking down at Cork and Kerry,” the astronaut recalls, “then across to London, then the southern half of Europe. It was overwhelmingly beautiful.”

In February 2013, he sent the first Irish-language tweet from space — “Tá Éire fíorálainn!”

His daughter Kristin did her doctoral studies at Trinity College Dublin and now works as assistant professor in its school of psychology.

Chris Hadfield is one of the most seasoned astronauts of the modern day. Not only did he fly up in the Space Shuttle twice—to help build the Mir space station, and the International Space Station (ISS)—he then became a resident and commander of the ISS for 5 months.

Chris Hadfield’s life lessons boil down to being the best that you can be through hard work and preparation – set your goals and work towards them. This approach has taken him from being a child dreaming of being an astronaut to being a fighter pilot and test pilot right through to a 20-year astronaut career.

Engineers Week

The Children in the Senior Room were asked to design and engineer a vehicle with rolling wheels. The standard of the completed vehicles was amazing. Each child gave a brief presentation on the ideas, design and construction methods they used while engineering their vehicles.

Build a Tower Challenge

We have really enjoyed online webinars with Mark “The Science Guy” as part of Engineers Week. Miss O’Connell challenged the children to create a tower using toothpicks and marshmallows. Construction challenges provide a fabulous opportunity for the development of a range of important skills: inventiveness, problem solving, creative thinking, perseverance, motivation and the ability to overcome disappointment, evaluation, editing and revision, analytical thinking and the use of a range of real life tools. It was wonderful to watch the children work collaboratively to find solutions to the challenge.