Teamwork with Mr. D.

Engineers use science and mathematics to solve problems. Teamwork is an important aspect of engineering. Mr. D. helped the children appreciate the benefits of teamwork through completing a team challenge involving forces that very much required working as a team.


Science with Mr. D

We were delighted to welcome Chuck Delpier (Mr. D.) back to Togher N.S. Chuck presented a fascinating and engaging workshop on energy and forces to the children. Forces are interactions between objects – a push or pull. Forces have the ability to make an object speed up, slow down, change direction or change its shape. The children were soon developing their engineering skills through designing, building, assessing and modifying vehicles to harness wind energy and the force of gravity.

Hello Photon

As a “Hands on – Minds on school” we know that children love to learn by experimenting. We are delighted with our new Photon Robot. Our School Excellence – Digital cluster has received the first of these robots to Ireland. Logical thinking ability is becoming an increasingly important skill. Photon gives children programming related challenges that allow them to develop their logical thinking ability while having great fun.

Sumo Bots

The children in 5th and 6th classes have started building Sumo Bots using their EV3 robotics kits. There is quite a bit of research involved in both the design and coding of a Sumo Bot. Each Sumo Bot is coded before competition – they are not remote controlled. The first challenge was to code the Sumo Bots to recognise the boundary line of the arena – using a colour sensor, reverse away from it and change direction. The next step will be to code our Sumo Bots to seek an opponent, using a motion sensor and to drive towards that opponent. The children are having great fun working on different coding ideas and robot designs to create the ultimate Sumo Bot.

Float your boat challenge

The children in Miss O’Connell’s room were given the challenge of making a boat out of modelling clay as part of Science Week. The children experimented with many different shapes and sizes with varying results. The buoyancy of each boat was tested using marbles.