Gift Cards from Stryker

The children from the Senior Room were due to visit Stryker’s Anngrove Building in Cork to learn more about 3D printing at one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the world. Unfortunately this visit had to be postponed until the autumn. This visit was part of Togher National School’s prize for it’s Best Design winning entry into a nationwide 3D Printing Sustainability Challenge. This Challenge was funded by EIT Manufacturing and supported by I-Form based in U.C.D. and Stryker. Another part of the prize was a €1000 voucher for the school and individual prizes for the children involved in the project. The school has recently received €50 Gift Vouchers for each of the children in the Senior Room and will be in touch with details about these gift vouchers. Well done to all the children involved and a huge thank you to Stryker for this wonderful prize. We are very much looking forward to our visit.

Freshwater Stream Habitat

We discovered some fascinating Freshwater Mini Beasts living in our local stream. Our finds included The Greater Water Boatman, The Lesser Water Boatman, Worms, Freshwater Snails, Larvae and a dangerous looking but harmless Water Scorpion. We even caught a young trout.  Stephanie from Heritage in Schools explained the life-cycles of these Freshwater Mini-Beasts and how unpolluted freshwater is vitally important as a habitat for these creatures. The children in the Senior Room were fascinated by the many creatures that live in a freshwater stream before returning them safely to the stream.

Stream Visit

The children in the Junior Room visited our local stream this week. Stephanie from Heritage in Schools helped the children identify the mini-beasts they had discovered and explained their life-cycles. The children were delighted to show their finds to each other before we returned them safely to their habitats.

Science Project

The children in the Senior Room were given the task of fabricating a model capable of flight. It was fascinating to see the wide variety of shapes, sizes and fabrication techniques that the children used to create their models. The children demonstrated their models and discussed their fabrication with the younger children.

The Science of Balance

Mr. D. always likes to include some fun “hands – on” activities during his workshops. The children learned about the science of balance and lowering the center of gravity during this balance challenge.