Professor Baloney

Senior classes joined Professor Baloney for a thrilling virtual science show with an emphasis on showing how much fun experimental science is. There was a mix of laughter and experiments with the professor!

We joined to discover if flour can burn? Can we make rocket fuel in the kitchen? And much much more…

Science Week

We have been experimenting with chemical reactions as part of Science week. The chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar is a wonderful “hands on – minds on” demonstration that children can enjoy and understand. Baking soda is an alkaline and vinegar is an acid. When baking soda and vinegar are mixed together they create  carbon dioxide.

We really enjoyed predicting what would happen!

Virtual Visit of Dublin Zoo

Today we were learning about Dublin Zoo.    We caught a glimpse of giraffes, zebras, an ostrich  and rhinos on the African Savanna.

We got a birds-eye of the penguins and we watched a herd of elephants chomp their lunch on the Web Cams.

Here are the links :

African Savanna



Some extra links :

The Discovery & Learning Department in Dublin Zoo are going to share some fun activities to help connect you and your family with nature.

You can do these from home and we would love to see and hear your stories about how you have used them to connect with nature by using #dublinzoofun on social media.

We hope you will join us to take part in the fun!

Get started by downloading your Birdwatching activity sheet: here.




Teamwork with Mr. D.

Engineers use science and mathematics to solve problems. Teamwork is an important aspect of engineering. Mr. D. helped the children appreciate the benefits of teamwork through completing a team challenge involving forces that very much required working as a team.


Science with Mr. D

We were delighted to welcome Chuck Delpier (Mr. D.) back to Togher N.S. Chuck presented a fascinating and engaging workshop on energy and forces to the children. Forces are interactions between objects – a push or pull. Forces have the ability to make an object speed up, slow down, change direction or change its shape. The children were soon developing their engineering skills through designing, building, assessing and modifying vehicles to harness wind energy and the force of gravity.