Science Project

The children in the Senior Room were given the task of fabricating a model capable of flight. It was fascinating to see the wide variety of shapes, sizes and fabrication techniques that the children used to create their models. The children demonstrated their models and discussed their fabrication with the younger children.

The Science of Balance

Mr. D. always likes to include some fun “hands – on” activities during his workshops. The children learned about the science of balance and lowering the center of gravity during this balance challenge.

Lifetime Lab

The children from 3rd to 6th classes had a fantastic day at the Lifetime-Lab on Friday. Lifetime Lab, with its interactive exhibit area, dedicated classroom space, onsite playground and historical importance, is an ideal location for primary school children to engage with science and maths (STEM subjects). The primary science workshops focus on the skills, concept development and content objectives of the SESE Science Curriculum. This year the theme of the workshop was electricity. The children were soon creating and drawing electrical circuits, making battery operated models and learning about amps, conductors and resistors. Find out more about the Lifetime-lab here

3D Printing Photographs

We had a visit from photographer Michael O’Sullivan to take photographs of the children and their 3D printed designs. These photographs were used as part of the publicity for The 3D Printing Design Challenge that was awarded to Togher N.S. Michael took some really wonderful photographs.

3D Printing Sustainability Challenge

We are delighted to announce that Togher N.S. has won the Best Design Category in a nationwide 3D Printing Sustainability Challenge.  The judging panel was from I-Form  based in U.C.D. and Stryker.   The school has won a €1000 voucher and children will be presented with individual vouchers in the near future.   Our entry will now go forward to represent Ireland in the European Showcase. 3D Printing and CAD have been a wonderful addition to the school and has allowed Togher N.S. to further extend the technical and artistic skills that our pupils will need in the future.  We hope you enjoy our winning video.

The Great Egg Drop Challenge

As part of Science Week the children in the Junior Room participated in the Great Egg Drop Challenge. The difference work groups were each given an egg and a range of materials – with the challenge to use the available materials to ensure that the egg could be dropped from a height without breaking. This challenge encourages problem solving, egg -perimenting and egg-samples of  egg- cellent,  egg- quisite and egg-traordinary egg puns (sorry!)