Christmas Cakes

It is an old tradition for 5th and 6th classes to make a Christmas cake. We kept the tradition again this year, using the usual recipe and using no electric mixers ! Just some good old elbow grease.

The children mixed the ingredients perfectly using a wooden spoon, while chatting happily. The cakes all turned out brilliantly in the end. We are all eager to eat the cakes after the delicious Christmas dinner as we are certain the cakes will be scrumptious. We all enjoyed the cake making process!

Happy Christmas

We would like to wish the children of Togher N.S. and the wider school community a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and all the very best in the New Year. We would also like to thank everyone for all the help and support we have received over the past year and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2022.

A visit from Santa

We were delighted to welcome Santa at Togher N.S. At this time of year Santa is busy checking his Naughty or Nice lists and we were delighted to learn that all our children are currently on the Nice list. The children enjoyed singing some Christmas songs for Santa. However Santa had harsh words for some of the teachers. Santa suggested that some teachers may be receiving lumps of coal!

Red Riding Hood

The Junior Room wanted to enjoy the Panto this year.

“Oh no you can’t” – we were told

“Oh yes we can” – we replied

We couldn’t go to the Panto but the Panto could come to us.

The children had a wonderful time laughing, singing and dancing to Red Riding Hood from the Helix.