The children enjoyed planting some sunflower seeds and strawberry plants this week. They are looking forward to getting busy in the school garden as soon as the danger of frost has passed.

Flower Pressing

The beautiful flowers we picked a couple of weeks ago have been pressed and dried. It was now time to identify their English, Irish and Latin names and present them on acid free paper. Stephanie from Heritage in schools showed the children how to arrange and display the pressed flowers. The children then created lovely artworks with the remaining flowers.

Bees Orchards

We were delighted to receive one pear tree and three apple trees from Dunmanway Family Resource Centre. This is part of a Bees Orchards in the community project.

It is all about Bee Friendly & ensuring children get the opportunity to engage in biodiversity by planting trees & plants for our bees to pollinate & reduce the decline in our bees in Ireland.

They were planted in our school garden today and we look forward to the fruit they will produce in the next few years.

Scavenger Hunt

The children in Miss M. Daly’s room enjoyed a scavenger hunt in the school grounds last week. A scavenger hunt is a great fun activity that allows children to get outside, get active and develop an appreciation of nature.

School Garden

The senior class were busy in the school garden planting seedlings, weeding, composting and giving the garden a general clean up.

Infants planted wildflowers, cauliflower and broccoli. Seniors planted a mixture of herbs and vegetables. We look forward to seeing them grow over the next few months.

Bug Hotel

At Togher N.S. we appreciate the diversity of nature and for this reason the children in the Junior Room have created a bug hotel to create a space where the bugs can thrive.

A bug hotel is part garden art and part winter habitat for insects. Our bug hotel will provide a home for a diversity of insects. Our insects will have all sorts of different nesting needs so the children provided a variety of plant material to encourage all sorts of our creepy crawly friends to lodge.

Our Bug Hotel will give a helping hand to local wildlife and are a great way to repay our insect friends for all their help in the garden throughout the year. Often known as “gardener’s friends,” these beneficial insects can be very useful by offering a form of natural pest control and flower pollination.