Procedural Writing – Brownies

The children have been learning about the Procedural Writing genre. Procedural Writing is a specific form of writing that provides instructions on the procedure necessary to accomplish a goal. This week the children wrote step by step recipes for baking brownies. As Togher N.S. has a “hands on – minds on” philosophy obviously the children had to explore the procedure involved in making and enjoying tasty brownies.

Attendance Certificates

Roger and Lisa from the S.C.P. called this week to give the children their  Attendance Certificates and prizes. Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways to prepare a child for success—both in school and in life. School attendance is important to support children’s achievement, wellbeing, and wider development and regular engaged school attendance is a strong predictor of successful educational outcomes.

The Science of Floating and Sinking

The children in the Junior Room conducted experiments involving buoyancy – the science of floating and sinking. Buoyancy is an object’s ability to float. Whether or not an object is buoyant relies mostly on two factors. These are the amount of water an object displaces and the density of an object.


The children enjoyed planting some sunflower seeds and strawberry plants this week. They are looking forward to getting busy in the school garden as soon as the danger of frost has passed.

The Science of Magnetism

The children in the Senior Room explored magnetism this week. They conducted experiments involving magnetic poles, magnetic fields, attraction, repulsion and electromagnets involving a variety of magnets and materials.