The Science of Lift

The children in 3rd and 4th class have been learning about The Wright Brothers and the first powered and sustained heavier than air flight in 1903. The children discovered that the brothers completed many experiments with different wing shapes and that they used a wind tunnel to study the effectiveness of these wing shapes.

As a science experiment the children have tested different wing shapes to discover which wing shape creates the greatest lift. After a number of failed efforts our latest wing shape was ready for testing in our wind tunnel (a piece of string and an old hairdryer) The children were delighted to finally see wing lift in action.




School Garden

The senior class were busy in the school garden planting seedlings, weeding, composting and giving the garden a general clean up.

Infants planted wildflowers, cauliflower and broccoli. Seniors planted a mixture of herbs and vegetables. We look forward to seeing them grow over the next few months.

Medieval Experience

A visit to the The Kerry County Museum’s Medieval Experience involves a stroll through the streets of Tralee as they were in 1450 AD with all the sights, sounds and robust smells of a bustling community. A visitor can see what people wore, what they ate, where they lived, and discover why the Fitzgeralds, the Earls of Desmond, who founded the town, also destroyed it.

As The Kerry County Museum is currently closed we were delighted to learn about Medieval Ireland by webinar. Many thanks to The Education Centre Tralee and  Claudia Köhler for providing this educational opportunity.


Bug Hotel

At Togher N.S. we appreciate the diversity of nature and for this reason the children in the Junior Room have created a bug hotel to create a space where the bugs can thrive.

A bug hotel is part garden art and part winter habitat for insects. Our bug hotel will provide a home for a diversity of insects. Our insects will have all sorts of different nesting needs so the children provided a variety of plant material to encourage all sorts of our creepy crawly friends to lodge.

Our Bug Hotel will give a helping hand to local wildlife and are a great way to repay our insect friends for all their help in the garden throughout the year. Often known as “gardener’s friends,” these beneficial insects can be very useful by offering a form of natural pest control and flower pollination.


Picker Pals

The children in the Junior Room have been selected to participate in the new Picker Pals programme launched by the environmental charity VOICE Ireland. Picker Pals inspires and motivates primary school children and their families to become the next generation of environmentalists through litter picking in their local areas. Each child will be given the opportunity to take home the Picker Pal kit for a weekend. The family can then go on a litter picking adventure in their local area with each child reporting back to their classmates.

Shark Week

The children in 3rd and 4th classes have enjoyed discovering the sharks that live in or visit Irish waters. They were delighted to learn about The Blue shark, The Porbeagle shark, The Basking shark, The Common Thresher shark and a new visitor to our shores The Smooth Hammerhead shark. It was now time to make our own sharks.