Munster Maths and Science Family Fair


Sunday 16th October 11AM TO 5PM

IN Mallow GAA Complex, Carrigoon

Fun for all the family

The Munster Maths and Science Family Fair is being held on Sunday 16th October, in the Mallow GAA Complex @ Carrigoon.  It has become the largest Maths and Science Fair in Munster,  with almost  4,000 people attending in 2015.

We are on the countdown to this years fair and would like to remind you, your fellow teachers and students of this big event.

This year will feature exhibits from industry, academia, research and schools both primary and secondary.

Some of the exhibitors include – Blackrock Castle Observatory, Institute of Physics, Blizzard Entertainment, Clever Mind Toys, Nimbus Research Centre, Drive4 Zero, Designer Minds, Irish Army and the Irish Air Core …. and many more.

There is something for all the family and admission is FREE.


Helping your child learn – Infants


Children are natural learners. They have an inbuilt curiosity and an eagerness to know more about everything – about themselves, about others and about the world around them.  They learn fast – but only when they are ready and their interest is aroused.

Because they come to us so young we must guard against putting pressure on them to learn what they are not yet ready for. Demanding too much too soon can switch a child off completely.  At the same time we must cultivate readiness so that they can get moving as soon as possible.

The rates of progress of children can vary greatly.  We try to give each child an opportunity to move ahead at their own pace or as near to it as possible.  Our first year in school therefore, is mainly about settling in, relating to others, making friends, feeling happy and gradually getting used to the routine of the school.

On the learning side the emphasis is on getting children ready for learning by-

  • Developing their oral language and expression.
  • Developing their social skills.
  • Sharpening their senses, especially seeing, hearing and touching.
  • Developing physical co-ordination especially of hand and fingers.
  • Extending their concentration span and getting them to listen attentively….
  • Learning through play – is the most enjoyable and effective way.
  • Co-operating with the teacher and other children.
  • Performing tasks by themselves..
  • Working with others and sharing with them.
  • Getting each child to accept the general order, which is necessary for the class and school to work well.


Aistear is the curriculum framework for children from birth to six years in Ireland It emphasises the importance of play for your child’s learning and development.  Through play ad interacting with each other children learn a whole variety of language and skills. has a lots of resources to help you learn more about Aistear and how it might help you at home to support your child’s learning and development.  We have included Aistear in our curriculum for infants in our school.  The children really enjoy the lesons and great fun is had by all.  If you have old hats, costumes, jewellery, etc we would be grateful for any donations.


Super Troopers Programme

Asts part of a pilot scheme with Laya Healthcare, our school has been chosen to take part in an exciting new healthy lifestyle programme for children.

The aim of the programme is to encourage children to learn about a healthy lifestyle and increase their physical activity levels. This will help towards meeting the recommended daily activity guidelines of 60 minutes for children.

The children  from 3rd – 6th class have received their ‘SUPER TROOPERS’ Activity Journal. The journal is full of fun activities to do at home daily.    The whole family can get involved in the programme as SUPER TROOPERS  ensures all  can have as much fun as possible while getting active and enjoying the benefit of a healthy lifestyle. Please encourage your child with their daily activity.   The onus is on the parent, not the class  teacher, to complete the journal.

Laya are also  asking families involved to complete a quick 5 minute survey. Follow the link:

Your Child’s Learning – Information for Parents

As a parent you play a key role in your child’s education. The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) has developed a number of resources to help you to support your child’s learning in primary school.   Please take a look at the resources for your child’s class:

Infant Classes – click HERE
1st & 2nd Classes – click HERE
3rd & 4th Classes – click HERE
5th & 6th Classes – click HERE