Super Troopers Programme

Asts part of a pilot scheme with Laya Healthcare, our school has been chosen to take part in an exciting new healthy lifestyle programme for children.

The aim of the programme is to encourage children to learn about a healthy lifestyle and increase their physical activity levels. This will help towards meeting the recommended daily activity guidelines of 60 minutes for children.

The children  from 3rd – 6th class have received their ‘SUPER TROOPERS’ Activity Journal. The journal is full of fun activities to do at home daily.    The whole family can get involved in the programme as SUPER TROOPERS  ensures all  can have as much fun as possible while getting active and enjoying the benefit of a healthy lifestyle. Please encourage your child with their daily activity.   The onus is on the parent, not the class  teacher, to complete the journal.

Laya are also  asking families involved to complete a quick 5 minute survey. Follow the link:

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