Togher N.S. will use the Seesaw app. for this period of remote learning.

Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool which allows pupils to store their work in an online space and gain feedback from their teacher. It can be used on a computer or tablet. It effectively enables teachers to set tasks or assignments and include instructions or templates for students to use at home.

STEP 1: Go to or Download the Seesaw Class App for Your Child
Your child will use the Seesaw Class app for home learning.
✓ Laptops + Computers: Visit
✓ Tablets + Mobile Devices: Download or update the Seesaw Class app in your device’s app store. If you already have the app, make sure it is updated

STEP 2: Help Your Child Log In to Seesaw
Click ‘I’m a Student’
Log in as directed by your student’s teacher or school:
✓ Your child may log in with a Home Learning Text or QR Code
Learn how to use Seesaw: Tour the Class App

✓ Make sure your child is signing in to the CLASS app (Students cannot complete remote learning activities on the Family app)
✓ Make sure your child clicks ‘I’m a Student’
✓ Make sure your child enters login credentials as shown with no typos; if scanning a code, make sure to stand far enough away for the entire code to be scanned
STEP 3: Explore Learning Resources from Seesaw

✓ Learning at Home Tips for Families
✓ Home Learning Ideas that Don’t Require Technology
✓ Sample Daily Schedule