“Red Day” on February 14th

We received the following email –

The Dunmanway Chamber of Commerce are just about to embark on their most adventurous project to date. We are seeking to extend the existing playground in Dunmanway by installing a zip wire facility and include new equipment for children with disabilities.

 Currently the playground is under utilized as it is not age appropriate and more over, it is not accessible to all. We will endeavour to seek funding from LEADER and other such vehicles, however we hope to raise €50,000 locally, independent of these bodies. We will roll out a number of fundraising initiatives in the coming months and we need your help and support to ensure success with our first such fundraiser.

 We are suggesting a “Red Day” on February 14th, whereby all students would wear something red as opposed to their usual uniform and we would suggest contributions of €3.00 from the students.