Michael Moylan in Togher N.S.

We were delighted to have Michael Moylan visit our school today.  He arrived with costumes, artefacts, armour and weapons to teach history. 

The children were soon dressed as fur clad hunter/gatherers with spears, viking raiders with swords, rebels with pikes, soldiers with guns during World War 1 & 2 .

 Many periods of history were experienced and understood with this  unique hands-on approach.

Rachel wrote a great report on the visit.
Micheal Moylen
“Today Micheal Moylan came to the school. He told the junior classes stories and myths. He told the senior classes about armour, weapons and how they’ve improved. He told us all about the Romans to the Vikings, Normans and more! He also brought in costumes and let us try them on. He also let us use the weapons, but the guns weren’t loaded and the swords were blunt so no worries!”

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