Identifying the mini-beasts

Following our trips to the local stream and hedgerow. Stephanie from the Heritage Council helped the children identify the mini-beasts they had discovered and explained their life-cycles. The younger and older children were delighted to show their finds to each other before we returned them safely to their habitats.

Exploring our local stream

Stephanie from the Heritage Council helped us to discover the many fascinating creatures that live in our local stream. The children were fascinated to learn about the identification chart that allowed them to identify the creatures they found and returned safely. We were delighted to identify stonefly naiads in the stream as they are a sign of healthy and clean water. Stephanie explained the importance of a clean habitat for biodiversity.

National Spring Clean 2019

Yesterday the pupils of 5th and 6th class, used litter pickers and gloves to do a cleanup of the field next to the school. They were shocked to collect two bags full of rubbish, including plastic bottles, plastic bags, cans and empty crisp packets. We would like to thank National Spring Clean for supplying the, high-vis jackets, litter pickers, gloves and rubbish bags.

  Written by D.R.