Orange pomander balls

Orange pomander balls are quite possibly the quickest and best all-natural and aromatic decoration for the Christmas season. The infusion of clove oil into the sweet oranges perfumes the air with a marvellous Christmas aroma. This year Katrin showed the children how to make wonderful orange pomander balls.

Christmas treats

The children had a great time making delicious Christmas treats with Katrin. It’s a long standing tradition here at Togher N.S. to create beautiful Gingerbread Houses and Chocolate Villages at Christmas time.


Christmas Concert

Everyone is busy learning lines, organising costumes and making props for the annual Togher N.S. Christmas Concert. We are really looking forward to seeing the parents and school community at this years production.

Peter Pan

The children had a wonderful day at Cork Opera House for the Peter Pan pantomime. This year’s show was packed with magical special effects, wonderful scenery and costumes, spectacular music and dance routines and hilarious comedy capers. The children had a most enjoyable and entertaining day. Oooh yes they did!

Christmas Cakes

It has long been the tradition here at Togher N.S. for the 5th and 6th classes to make Christmas cakes. Just like every other year, we kept the tradition, using the usual recipe and using no electric mixers. The children mixed the ingredients perfectly using a wooden spoon, while chatting happily and listening to Christmas songs. The cakes all turned out brilliantly.

The recipe for our Christmas Cake is as follows:

225g (8 ozs) butter
225g (8 ozs) pale, soft brown sugar, or golden caster sugar
6 eggs
285g (10 ozs) plain flour
1 tsp mixed spice
340g (12 ozs) sultanas
340g (12 ozs) currants
340g (12 ozs) raisins
110g (4 ozs) glace cherries
110g (4 ozs) candied peel
110g (4 ozs) ground almonds (almonds are optional, just increase the
amount of flour if you don’t want almonds!)
1 lemon
1 orange
1 large or 2 small apples

Christmas Variety Performance

We had a highly entertaining afternoon watching the Christmas Variety Show. The children sang a medley of Christmas songs and performed Christmas tunes. The younger children enjoyed singing “Has anyone seen Santa  and the older children performed “Christmas Chaos” a play they had written themselves.




DVD Launch

Christmas came early at Togher National School! We were delighted to be asked to participate in a Christmas DVD to help raise funds to upgrade the Dunmanway Community Playground – so on went the Christmas jumpers and out came the Christmas bells. We are really looking forward to the launch of this DVD on Thursday 13th which will feature the children from the Dunmanway area singing their favourite Christmas carols.

We would like to thank Victor for filming the DVD for us.

The DVD can be bought for €7.


Gingerbread House

Another Christmas tradition here at Togher N.S. is creating delicious Gingerbread Houses. The children really look forward to making these lovely treats and of course eating them before the holiday.