Physical Literacy

At Togher N.S, we aim to teach our pupils to move well, so that they will move often. Through focusing on the development of fundamental movement skills we can create an environment in which pupils can flourish physically.

The fundamental movement skills are the basic building blocks of movement and a core element of physical literacy, because enhanced movement competence enables pupils to participate in a wide range of physical activities.

The fundamental movement skills are divided into the following three categories: Locomotor skills – walking, running, hopping etc. Stability skills – balancing and landing. Manipulative skills – catching, throwing, kicking etc.

Physical Literacy gives pupils the tools they need to take part in physical activity and sport, both for healthy life-long enjoyment and for sporting success. The physically literate child can be described as having the motivation, confidence, movement competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take part in physical activity throughout their personal lifelong journey.