Nature’s Web Newsletter

The Summer 2021 Issue of the Nature’s Web Newsletter, an exciting newsletter for children, has been posted on the web.

In this issue you’ll find…

Rocky Shore Safari

Editor’s Page: Basking Shark at Sherkin Island; Seafood Recipe

Plant Life: Baobab Tree

Black John – the Bogus Pirate: War in a Water Drop!

Marine Life: Basking Shark

Explore Your Shore!: Get involved with Explore Your Shore!

All in a Day’s Work: Dave Wall, Citizen Science Officer

Explore Your Shore!: Rocky Shore Safari Big 30 QUIZ!

Activity Page: Make a Folding Book

Water Safety Ireland: Keep floating inflatable toys away from open water

Colour In: Moving Day!

The World Around Us: “Foreign Correspondent” Michael Ludwig

Fun Page: How Much Did You Learn?, Nature Jokes

Learn More: Books/DVD for children; Useful Web Addresses

Wordsearch: Nature’s Web Summer 2021 Wordsearch

Nature’s Noticeboard: Summer 2021