Magic Milk Experiment

As a “Hands on – Minds on” school we love science experiments here at Togher N.S. Hands-on science experiments are fun for children of all ages. Most children are tactile learners and prefer to experience things in a hands-on way. Scientific concepts canĀ  be difficult for children to understand when just reading about them in a book. When a child explores a scientific concept with a hands-on experiment, they can see the concept right before their eyes. When doing an experiment, kids are much more likely to remember the science behind the concept.

The science behind the Magic Milk experiment: When milk is homogenized, fat particles are equally spread throughout the milk. When food colouring is added the surface tension of the milk keeps the food coloring in one place. When drops of liquid dish soap are added to milk with drops of food coloring on the surface, the soap will reduce the surface tension of the milk and react with the fat. This interaction will cause the particles in the milk to move around and create swirls of color. When the surface tension is completely broken the food colouring mixes together.

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