Road Safety Certificates

The children in the Junior Room have been busy learning about the importance of Road Safety. The children were delighted to receive their Seatbelt Sheriff Certificates and their Hi Glo Silver Certificates.

Health Promoting School

We were delighted to be recognised as a Health Promoting School this week. A Health Promoting School is “a school that constantly strengthens its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning and working”.

At Togher N.S.

  • Everyone in the school setting is valued.
  • Self-esteem is fostered.
  • Fairness and tolerance are evident.
  • People experiencing difficulties are supported.
  • Communication is open and transparent.
  •  Effort is recognised.
  •  Uniqueness and difference are respected.
  •  Conflict is handled constructively.
  •  Initiative and creativity are encouraged.
  •  Social, moral and civic values are promoted.
  •  Students’ emotional, psychological and physical well-being is promoted.

Caroline Fagan from the H.S.E. visited the school on Friday to talk to the children about the importance of good health and to present the Health Promoting School Flag and Banner. Find out more about Health Promoting Schools here.

London Paris Milan Togher

We have decided to visit the fashion capitals of Europe – London, Paris, Milan and Togher. Obviously we would like to get through Britain before the chaos of Brexit so we have been very busy on our Active Walkway. We have completed 263 km which means we have started to row our way across the Irish Sea.

It’s Swimming Time

The new swimming pool in Dunmanway is a fantastic facility that benefits the entire community. Swimming is not only enjoyable, but it also provides a multitude of physical benefits. It allows children to develop water safety and survival skills, builds strength, muscle tone and assists with balance and coordination. The children at Togher N.S. always enjoy their swimming time.