Float your boat challenge

The children in Miss O’Connell’s room were given the challenge of making a boat out of modelling clay as part of Science Week. The children experimented with many different shapes and sizes with varying results. The buoyancy of each boat was tested using marbles.


The children in the senior room have been busy mixing science with art as part of science week – creating an electric circuit and using this circuit as part of a working lighthouse model.


Science workshop – magnetism

Playing with magnets is one of the first bits of science most children discover. That’s because magnets are easy to use, safe, and fun. The children explored many aspects of magnetism during Chuck Delpier’s science workshop.


Science workshop – magnification

Magnification is an important part of science. Magnification is often the key to scientific discovery. Chuck Delpier brought a wide variety of magnification equipment for the children to experiment with during the science workshop.



Science workshop – light

The children had a wonderful time exploring the science of light during Chuck Delpier’s science workshop. The children enjoyed learning about the light colour spectrum, reflection and refraction.