St. Brigid’s Crosses

Following the time honoured tradition of St. Brigid’s Day,  we weaved rushes into crosses.
Every child had a cross going home. Many thanks to the children of the Senior classes
who gave so willingly of their time and helped the younger children to make their crosses.
We even made some extra ones which will be distributed  in the church tonight.

Fun with Clay

The children in Miss Daly’s room had great fun making ring pottery and molding with clay. It’s very messy but when you are a “hands on, minds on” school – messy is always the way to go!

St Brigid’s Crosses

The pupils will be making St Brigid’s crosses tomorrow.

Please make sure your child/children bring the necessary rushes with them on the day. We made some today for distribution at Mass on the 1st.

The Gruffalo

Doesn’t he know,
There’s no such thing as a gruffalo?

But who is this creature with terrible claws
And terrible teeth in his terrible jaws?
He has knobbly knees, and turned-out toes,
And a poisonous wart at the end of his nose.
His eyes are orange, his tongue is black,
He has purple prickles all over his back.

“Oh help! Oh no!
It’s a gruffalo!

The children in the junior room really enjoyed the wonderful The Gruffalo story.