The children are delighted to participate in Yoga classes again this year. Yoga is considered to be a low-impact activity that can increase general health and stamina, promote relaxation, reducing stress and improve strength and balance to all parts of the body.

Active School Flag

We were delighted to be awarded The Active School Flag that recognises Togher N.S. as an Active School. The Active School Flag is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. The process aims to get more schools, more active, more often. During our Christmas Celebrations we raised our Active School Flag and The Health Promoting School Flag we were awarded earlier in the year.




Throwing and catching a ball is a fundamental movement skill as part of our Physical Literacy Programme. What better way to develop throwing and catching skills than Dodgeball? The children in Miss Daly’s room have been practicing their ball throwing and ball catching skills and were ready to enter The Togher N.S. Dodgeball Arena (also known as the shelter).