Physical Literacy

At Togher N.S. we have integrated Physical Literacy into our Physical Education programme. Physical Literacy gives children the tools they need to take part in physical activity and sport, both for healthy life-long enjoyment and for sporting success. The physically literate child can be described as having the motivation, confidence, movement competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take part in physical activity throughout their lives. The younger children have been practicing their locomotion skills- walking, running, hopping, skipping, dodging and side-stepping. Of course as a “Hands on – Minds on” school this practice involves a lot of fun and games.



Playground Leaders

We have Playground Leaders at lunch time to help to organise various activities for the younger pupils. The children have great fun using hula hoops, beanbags, skipping ropes, balls and a wide variety of other equipment during games designed by our Playground Leaders.

London Paris Milan Togher

We have decided to visit the fashion capitals of Europe – London, Paris, Milan and Togher. Obviously we would like to get through Britain before the chaos of Brexit so we have been very busy on our Active Walkway. We have completed 263 km which means we have started to row our way across the Irish Sea.

M.I.C.C. and Habitat for Humanity Ireland

We were delighted to welcome past-pupil Eoin Buckley and Brian Wilson from M.I.C.C to Togher N.S. Eoin and Brian are raising funds for volunteer work by M.I.C.C. students with Habitat for Humanity Ireland. Founded in 2002, Habitat for Humanity Ireland is a non-profit organisation dedicated to eliminating substandard housing worldwide and to making adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. Brian will be part of a team of M.I.C.C. students helping to make a difference in the lives of Romanian families in need of a simple, decent place to live. Eoin and Brian provided most enjoyable physical education coaching lessons for the younger and older children. We would like to wish Brian all the very best with his trip to Romania and of course we really enjoyed catching up with Eoin. Keep up the good work lads.