Throwing and catching a ball is a fundamental movement skill as part of our Physical Literacy Programme. What better way to develop throwing and catching skills than Dodgeball? The children in Miss Daly’s room have been practicing their ball throwing and ball catching skills and were ready to enter The Togher N.S. Dodgeball Arena (also known as the shelter).


Active Walkway – The fashion capitals of Europe

We have completed the first part of our journey to the fashion capitals of Europe – Togher to London. We arrived late in the evening to the fashion streets of London and got to view the lovely Christmas lights. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for too long as we need to get on to Paris (some of the teachers had to be dragged out of the shops) and we continued on down the road to historic Rochester.


Active Walkway Challenge

We had hoped to get through Britain before Brexit but we were so busy getting ready for Halloween we didn’t make it. Luckily there has been a Brexit extension so we won’t get stuck in Dover. We have walked, run and skipped another 158.1 Km on our Active Walkway and have crossed the Severn Bridge from Wales into England.