As part of Togher N.S. – School Excellence Digital funding we have been able to purchase some new equipment for our BeeBots. The children in Miss Daly’s room really enjoy these friendly little robots which are a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation and problem-solving. As a “Hands On – Minds On” school these robots allow our children to experience hand’s on maths in the most enjoyable way.


As part of our International Dot Day celebrations we explored Pointillism. This is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed the technique in 1886, branching from Impressionism.



It’s Swimming Time

The new swimming pool in Dunmanway is a fantastic facility that benefits the entire community. Swimming is not only enjoyable, but it also provides a multitude of physical benefits. It allows children to develop water safety and survival skills, builds strength, muscle tone and assists with balance and coordination. The children at Togher N.S. always enjoy their swimming time.

A visit from our past pupils

We were delighted to welcome our past pupils Alice, Daniel, Muirís, Oisín and Shauna to Togher N.S. Everyone was eager to hear about how they were getting on in secondary school. They were soon catching up with old friends and even helped out with the garden work. It was great to see you all again – you are always more than welcome.

Working in the school garden

It was a beautiful day so we decided to tidy up the garden ready for the winter. We would like to thank Cassie (Kimi, Levi and Evan’s Mum ) for the huge amount of work she has done in the school garden. We would also like to thank Senan (Connie’s Dad) and Don O’Leary for delivering the decorative stone. The children were soon busy digging into the heap of stone and spreading it over the weed control barrier. There’s nothing like a bit of enthusiasm and team work for getting a job done.



International Dot Day

Sunday the 15th of September is International Dot Day. The inspiration behind International Dot Day is the children’s book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds which encourages students to celebrate creativity, courage, and collaboration. In the build up to Dot Day the children in Togher N.S. engage in many artistic activities – dedicated to getting the children to fearlessly make their mark on the world!